WD-40 Top 40.
Bond with fans
to grow the brand.

How to bond with your biggest brand fans? How to turn them into valuable brand ambassadors? For WD-40 we developed the ‘WD-40 Top 40’.

Each fan received a personalized gift-box.

Through a wide social media campaign we recruited the biggest WD-40 fans.

We created a digital community in which professionals and specialists share inspiring projects, advice, ideas and experiences with each other and all WD-40 users.

With an advertising campaign, aimed at handymen on Facebook, Instagram and a unique landing page, WD-40 users from various segments were approached and recruited for the WD-40 Top 40. The recruitment part ultimately resulted in over 100 registrations. The best 40 were selected as WD-40 ambassador.

From top fan to brand ambassador.

They are now actively used via online surveys, short interviews, polls and challenges to collect valuable product insights and test marketing materials. They also contribute to the creation of user generated content for all social channels.