WD40 fix it.

How to reach about 8 million people online in a period of only 10 weeks? And how to generate over 120.000 people to the landing page to participate in a challenging DIY competition?

We owned social media.

Together with WD-40 we launched the Fix-it Challenge in which users were activated to share their DIY renovation project. We set up a paid campaign with a varied package of activating content via Google (Display), Facebook and Instagram Advertising. We also developed content for Pinterest Ads and TikTok Advertising. Each channel with its own purpose, targeting the DIY audiences of WD-40. With the collected submissions WD-40 has high-quality user generated content to use in an organic way through its own online channels.

From Instagram & Facebook to Pinterest & TikTok.

Engaging how to ads.

Thanks to the participants and their uploads, WD-40 has a wide range of high-quality user generated content at its disposal to use on the various social channels.

Campaign translated to Google display ads.