Dataweek NL 2021.
How data enriches
our everyday lives.

Data Week NL zooms in on the unprecedented possibilities of data in our everyday lives. A five-day event full of inspiring lectures, round-tables, demos, presentations and workshops. We developed an online marketing strategy and social campaign to draw attention to the event and highlight the program, guests and topics.

An extensive plan and package to announce and boost the event.

In the run-up to the event, we developed an extensive online campaign strategy with three main goals: generate online awareness to Data Week NL, generate traffic and leads to the website and attract visitors to the event and the live streams. With almost 20 assets for advertising on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, and a month full of organic content, such as program and speaker announcements, background stories, videos and animations, we managed to give the event the right boost.

The total reach amounted to over 1 million views, the website visitors amounted to over 7.000 and the LinkedIn community grew with 220%. In short, we generated a very high reach in a very short period of time. With all the analysis and results, we have specific insights and learnings to optimize Data Week NL 2022.

Results in a period
of just 6 weeks.

Other noticable
campaign data.
220% increase in LinkedIn followers.

Increase on new followers on our LinkedIn page.

Wide range of social content.

In a period of 6 weeks, we created a complete suite of social media assets for LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

30k organic reach.

With effective social media assets we didn’t only generated paid results, but also a big organic reach.

Live daily report
of the Data Week.