Positioning &
visual identity.

Discovering Xenos is an adventure.

For the repositioning of Xenos we went back to the roots of the brand. An adventurous store full of surprising products from all over the world. Each and every product is worth discovering.

Building a futureproof retail formula.
Ever since the foundation in 1973, Xenos has become one of the most well-known players in the world of retail. Nowadays, the concept of retail is nothing compared to what it used to be decades ago. As a matter of fact, it’s still changing.

Staying close to the roots to redefine the brand essence.

We use the 30 year old origin and authenticity as a fundament for the new positioning and formula. By presenting the worldly character
of the store as a world unto itself, we enabled customers to discover how adventurous shopping at Xenos can be.

We took the idea of exploring and discovering new products to an entire new level.

Welcome to the exotic
world of Xenos.

discover four extraordinary living styles. The video provides a behind-the-scenes of how the styles are visualized in our photo studio. A beautiful impression and representation of how concept, photography and styling come together.

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Looking ahead for the next moves.

Even though we have been working with Xenos for over 30 years, we still challenge ourselves over and over again to develop surprising and extraordinary themed campaigns. We stick to the core values of the brand and look continuously at how we can translate these in a distinctive way to all offline and online channels.