A brandbase
for the future.

Endless fun.
For the largest craft shop of The Netherlands, we took a dive into the creative world of cutting, drawing, painting, knitting, claying and more. With over 8.000 products Pipoos enables customers to challenge their fantasy and creativity. We developed a brand position and visual identity that meets the happy and playful character of Pipoos.

Building the brand
from a spot-on pay-off.


The power of Pipoos is the fact that you can get inspired, try multiple technics, experiment with materials and eventually discover your new hobby. The end result is not important. On the contrary, it’s all about the process and being occupied with creativity. It doesn’t matter what you are creating, as long as you are having fun.
This insight formed the fundament of the brand. A thought that we translated into a spot- on pay-off ‘Maak plezier’, a powerful brand story and a complete new visual identity.


‘Having fun’ is about the customers. That’s why we motivate them to
share their creations by using #pipooscreatives. This way, the social
channels of Pipoos are mainly about user generated content: creatives
inspiring and challenging other creatives.

Looking ahead
to the next steps.

In addition to the monthly theme campaigns, there are many creative opportunities. For the coming period we will set goals and next steps for the future. We are already looking for new and innovative ways to give even more meaning to Pipoos and its main message: maak plezier. Ideas that help the brand grow and bring the pay-off more and more to life.