Keep the heritage.
Face the future.

The worldwide known power tool brand Hitachi was given a new name, which also required a brand new visual identity. We were responsible for the entire rebranding and repositioning.

Our philosophy.

Don’t act tough, be accessible.
Don’t make promises, build trust.
Don’t use technologies, innovate technologies.
Never just develop, always improve.



In 70 years, Hitachi has built a solid and powerful reputation in the world of power tools. With the name change it was important to develop an innovative visual identity, but also show the legacy of Hitachi. Decades of knowledge, skills, experiences and highlights have been the building blocks for what we now know as HiKOKI.

Bringing the brand to life.
Discover the world of HiKOKI.

The rich history of technological innovations has passed on from generation to generation. Based on the belief that innovation never stops, HiKOKI is continuously looking for new ways to improve their power tools and the performance of the professional. By inventing, developing and applying smart engineering and technologies, HiKOKI is able to provide professionals with power tools that are safer, healthier, more comfortable, more durable and easier to operate. With all this in mind, we developed a distinctive brand and visual identity for the whole of Europe.