How to explain the operation of a WWTP to a child?

The question that kept our creatives busy while devising and developing the WWTP film for Waterschap Aa en Maas. Because how do you make such a sewage treatment process interesting and especially fun for primary school students and first graders? Precisely. You have it explained and presented by a popular vlogger and actor, who is guaranteed to know the target group from YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. Niek Roozen is known for the dutch television program Expeditie Robinson and the movie Brugklas, and has a reach of more than 235,000 followers on TikTok and no less than 285,000 on Instagram. Niek knows better than anyone how to hold the attention of this young target group and how to strike the right balance between serious and light-hearted in such an instructive topic.

Concept, script, storyboard, recordings, editing and a fantastic result that both Waterschap Aa en Maas and our own team are very proud of. The film is shown during excursions and guided tours, and gives a clear picture of what happens at a WWTP, with a playful wink.