Xenos OngewoonWeken 2022:
new photography for the
extraordinary interior styles.

October is seen as the ultimate living month for many home styling and interior stores and retailers. The days are getting colder and darker, and so the need for changing or renewing the interior is growing. For Xenos, this period is all about the Xenos OngewoonWeken. Also this year, Xenos presents four extraordinary styles full of amazing home accessories, giving customers the opportunity to refresh every spot of their interior. Easy, fast, and for an attractive price.

Over the past few weeks our photo studio and design team has been busy bringing the four styles (Kingdom of Wonders, new Nostalgia, Pure by Nature, and Boutique Fantastique) to life in a special and inspiring way. From photography concepts to sketching the first settings, and from building all sets to the ultimate styling: everything for the perfect picture and the ultimate look & feel. And we did it again! The photography gives a beautiful representation of each style. Here is a sneak peek, which can be admired from week 38 in the Xenos magazine.